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If you’re into high intensity action and killing zombies you’ve hit the jackpot! Adventure Combat Ops is an interactive experience recreating what a city would be like after a zombie apocalypse. You and your team of friends and actual Special Ops Vets are outfitted with zombie battling gear including a helmet, goggles, vest and air gun with the objective of leading your team in effort to take back the city and kill off the zombies!  Amp yourself up a little before you come because this experience pushes you to the limit mentally, testing your survival and ‘bad ass’ skills!

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More About Adventure Combat Ops

Adventure Combat Ops is a high intensity, sensory overload interactive experience mimicking a zombie apocalypse scenario within a city. All participants are suited up in a uniform with a helmet, goggles, a chest vest and an air gun. During the experience participants work in tandem with actual special operations veterans making their way through the city over run with zombies. The objective: stay alive and make it to the safe spot/end of the experience. Depending on the package, participants are outfitted with several cameras to capture the action! This is a very high energy and ‘hostile’ (of course in the spirit of the experience, not in reality) environment! It pushes you to the limit testing your survival skills and challenging your senses in an active environment. Be prepared to be scared and have to battle your way with your team to safety!

Adventure Combat Ops is blowing up- literally! Along with recently being featured on Extra, Fox 5 Las Vegas and Fox 5 Las Vegas, The More Show segments they are now being featured in a movie! Star Warfare Ranger and the Cyborg Witch of Endor is set in the future and deals with, what else- saving the world (much like Adventure Combat Ops). The movie is shot in part at ACO and features one of their best operatives, Jax as one of the key personnel in the trailer. Adventure Combat Ops is spine tingling real- and not without thought. The creators put a lot of effort into making the grounds as realistic as possible. By utilizing psychology in the detail planning they have created a sensory and stimulus overload situation; which is exactly what would happen in an apocalypse. It’s because they’re so bad ass that they’re being approached to shoot movies at their location, use their team as actors and featured in countless interviews and segments! Be prepared.