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Business Directory
Looking to take your Las Vegas business to the next level? Boost your exposure with A Premium Membership package with LucyVegas.com
Category Feature
Be featured at the top of the listings in the categories of our Explore Las Vegas section such as Attractions, Restaurants, Shopping, and more above all other businesses in your category!
Mobile Apps / Websites
LucyVegas.com will develop an Android & IPhone applications for your business. We also do mobile optimized web design! Creating loyalty programs, online selling solutions for products and services, GPS turn by turn directions, mobile coupons, newsletter sign ups, e-mail forms, push notifications, social media integration, and so much more.
Up to 4 deals for free per month if you a business directory holder. Advertise your deal and attract new customers! Give yourself the opportunity to upsell a new customer by offering something you can bring to their attention that has value and will benefit them as well as their family and friends! LucyVegas.com has the most amount of deals for just Las Vegas, and tourists and locals alike love to use it!
Get included in our newsletter
LucyVegas.com will get involved with your business, test your service, and write a blog about you! Blogs are great for search engine rankings, exposure, and letting people know why they should use their business next time they need someone like you! We can also leave a Yelp review for you! Included in our current blog such as Monthly Happenings & Events or the Deals of the Week Blog
Banner Ads
Be displayed in a prime time location such as our homepage! Try some of our tower ads on the homepage, or even other pages.
Creating videos for your business will help create brand recognition, and give customers a sense of being able to identify with your company. LucyVegas.com will make a video blog, feature your business video, and can even have a video production crew help you make something!
LucyVegas.com Girls
LucyVegas is home to a unique breed of beautiful and articulate spokeswomen known as the LucyVegas Girls. These lovely ladies attract a crowd wherever they go and are always in high demand for grand openings, trade shows, special events and product launches. Their vivacious personalities encourage fans to follow them in person, online and through all forms of social media… and this is where your business can be part of the excitement! They are a great addition to any event or convention!
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
LucyVegas.com will give you a solution to help manage your customers, clients, and leads. With an e-mail system, logging system, calendar, reminders, metrics, and info graphics to give you insight on what is going on with your business. Theres nothing worse than forgetting something, or someone and CRM is a great system to manage all that and more!
Social Media Apps
We have 15 social media apps. Everything from contest give aways, web-resizers, photo contests, deal apps, and much much more.
Online Directory Solution
Being exposed on all major online directories, including the local sections for Las Vegas is vital to the success of your business. It’s no good if customers cannot find your business! We can display and let you edit information at one time from one place to update across over 50 directories.
Main Explore Las Vegas Page Feature
Show up first on our main Explore Las Vegas page before users even choose what category they are looking for. This guarantees a prime location for more page hits for your listing.
Social Media Posting
Post on our facebook and twitter about your company
Social Media (Social Media Management)
We’ll advertise your company, promote your event, sale or special – whatever the unique promotional needs of your particular company, and we’ll develop an effective social media strategy designed to keep visitors coming back for more.
Advertising & Printing
LucyVegas.com will team up with you to have an advertising campaign. We deal with radio stations, online advertising, billboards, mobile billboards, digital billboards, TV, magazines, and newspapers. Ask us today what are next campaign is. LucyVegas.com can partner with you on printed materials. We advertise with massive mailing solutions, attend trade shows, events, mixers, and even throw our own parties. Team up with us to get your the best possible prices for these services, your number of impressions up, and the best possible amount of exposure!

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